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Well hi,

I'm nelson, a Paris based designer recently graduated from Ecole Camondo and greatly interested by sharing what I'm doing with my hands and to a certain extent with my head.


As a human being, I am concerned about the tools and the spaces that surround me and constantly questioning their fonction and the way they have been produced which led me to study what we could call a "design grammar".


As a designer, I believe that my goal is to solve problems by focusing on the individual person, to analyse their needs, one environment and to pay attention to the impact of the atoms I assembled.


Through a wide range of projects, I try to develop a transdisciplinary approach, from interface service to products or furniture, motivated by every aspect of the making process in order to propose comprehensible objects for anyone.





Fly & Intramuros Young Designers Competition / 1st prize


Benjamin Hubert Studio / Design Studio / Intern


EGA Design / Design Studio / Intern


Politecnico di Milano / International Workshop / Laureate 2nd Prize


Pierre Verger Architecture / ADP Competition Freelance


Taxi G7 Competition / Laureate  2nd Prize


Petite Friture / Design Editor / Intern


Ecole Camondo / Design & Interior Architecture

Human's Technology




Social Design




New Industrial Thinking




User Centered Concept




Learning By Doing

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