Proposing a restoration service within the existing urban environement requires to reintroduce the concept of ( agri-) culture in a context in which we’re disconnected from what

we eat. The city has delegated its food needs in rural areas, that’s where this disconnection phenomenon occurs and increases the feeling of being a mere consumer.


This venue located on the 18 boulevard Bonne Nouvelle, near the Porte St Martin, historic place of passage of alimentation that used to supply Paris, is an envelope in which the “we” and the raw material coexist hybridizing the

concept of market with stands and the idea of process through food and cooking. The aim is to break the process of consumption in order to propose a new experience. Expose raw products, prepare and consume them in a single location, highlight the meeting between the “eater” and what is consumed allows to glimpse new conscious behaviors and seamless service.


Taken as a flexible structure and able to welcome different producers everyday in partnership with the chef, the gustative offer is constantly regenerated.

The products transformation space (kitchen), led by a chef and his team proposes to realize what the customer has purchased in real time. This is where creativity is expressed in its most visionary and attractive aspect. The forced menu no longer exists and fantasy is generated by a continuously renewed experience.


The implementation of the project uses the floor

ground by modelling different heights for the

seating areas. The rotunda displays floating

fabric surfaces on which the product story is

exhibited by video projections.

some works

some data

by now


Date -

Jan-Jun 2014


Context -

Graduation Project


Location -

18 bd Bonne Nouvelle



Photography -

Nelson Fossey

View from the entrance on the restaurant area. Self service crates are available to design its own recipe.

Interactions diagram.

Zoning diagram.

The seating area overlooks the processing zone in oder to highlight the knowledge and provide a clear service.

3mm perforated sheets creates boxes that can be juxtaposed in order to generate porous interfaces between spaces and fonctions.

Those modular boxes and crates provide a feeling of nearness between the client, the producer and the product.

Exploded isometric view

R0 plan

View on the bar and its elevated terrace.

Cross section through the restaurant space, the market and the street.

Detailed section on the interface between the dining room and the kitchen.

Technical assembly.

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